Modern Greenland Kayaking, by Dubside, dsharp video
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Modern Greenland Kayaking, by Dubside, tells the story of how the interest in Greenland style kayaking got started in the US and other parts of the world outside of Greenland as well as the revival of these skills in Greenland.

The video has lots of footage of rolling and ropes competitions in Greenland with both the worlds top experts and some of the up and coming younger competitors, and there are interviews with many of the big names in this movement. All audiences, whether kayakers or not, will find it fun to watch.

"Recreational kayakers are discovering the benefits of the distinctive narrow-bladed traditional paddle and the fascination of the culture that spawned it. In Europe, across the U.S. and in Greenland, see how traditional paddling is thriving today. Along the way you'll meet a colorful cast of unique personalities. Plus: Instructional tips on using a traditional paddle; archival footage of Maligiaq's 1998 U.S. visit; and racing, rolling, harpoon, and ropes competition."
Modern Greenland Kayaking by Dubside with DSharp Video Productions

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Modern Greenland Kayaking, by Dubside, dsharp video

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