NEW! Superlon 10  (76" wide!)
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New to our inventory is the Superlon 10 . We are very excited to offer this rugged option. This one of if not the strongest cloth we have even got our hands on. At a whooping huge 76" width its sure to wrap around any boat your building.  This 10.9 oz nylon is very tightly woven while still maintaining a decent about of stretch on the diagonal. It's between the our favorite Extra Tuff (8.90z) and the 1050 senior balistic (12oz) with a tighter weave. This tighter weave will give much lower needle pull holes and hole elongation to seat riser lashing application. The choice for extreme use for rock garden kayaks, Umiaks, working open boats, ect.

Always sew or apply in the coldest temperatures possible . Can put the cloth in the refrigerator rover night. Never work in the sun and try to sew before sunrise in summer months. You can mist the cloth ahead of your work.  Heat while cold damp with mister with iron set to the hottest setting (linen). Iron slowly misting water in front of the iron. Keep the iron moving but slowly. You should always hear and see steam as you go.

Perfect marriage and impregnating with our Spirit Lines Poly urethane. Please order a extra 1/2 order with each 18’ boat or smaller.

Please,ORDER BY THE FOOT!  Please call for any support, 1 360 420 2460  whats app same @ skinboats

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NEW! Superlon 10 (76" wide!)

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