Outback Water Filtration System 22oz
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The Outback is a water filtration system that is easy to carry and use.

Using innovative technology, the Outback allows the user to filter water from most U.S. streams, lakes or ponds.

The filter removes 99.9% Giardia Lamblia and Cryptosporidium cysts.*

The Outback filtration matrix is comprised of inert, synthetic polymers, molecular sieves and microspheres that have been specifically configured to trap and retain these organisms while inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

This process, also known as tortuosity has little effect on the flow of water molecules, but presents a rugged, microscopic obstacle course for parasites. The result is safe water that is instantly available for drinking without prior disinfection all in an easy to use, lightweight Nalgene ATB bottle.

This filter is designed to have very little back pressure and is easy to squeeze with a faster flow rate. Included custom black bottle sock

This is the 22oz model.

Hand Made in Colorado USA

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Outback Water Filtration System 22oz

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