"The ABC'S of the Surf Zone"
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The purpose of the video is to help the sea kayaker successfully negotiate their way through the surf zone while launching and landing.

Even though there is a section on basic surfing with sea kayaks, the focus of this video is learning how NOT to surf and remain in control while getting through a surf zone.

A full list of flat water drills and skills are demonstrated to prepare you for the surf zone. 

Then we show the techniques you need in the surf zone. We have also included group management when launching and landing groups through a surf zone.

The video is contains 3 hours of comprehensive instruction. The main sections include: oceanography, ocean effects on your kayak, the ABC's (Attitude, Body-Boat-Blade, Control, Safety), flat water drills, surf zone drills, launching, landing, capsizing in the surf zone, group launching & landing, surfing and more..


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"The ABC'S of the Surf Zone"

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