Tuilik Mitts
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These mitts co-ordinate with the tuilik garment

  • 3mm nylon two side neoprene

Colors: black
Sizes: S-XL

Hand made in Canada

Greenland Gear

  • Order Small if you are under 5'4" and under 120 lbs
  • Order Medium if you are under 5'6" and under 150 lbs but larger than size Small
  • Order Medium-Large if you are under 5'10" and under 175 lbs but larger than size Medium
  • Order Large if you are under 6' and under 200 lbs but larger than size Medium-Large
  • Order Extra Large if you are over 6' and over 200 lbs.
  • Item #: TM

Tuilik Mitts

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